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Real Fur Parka Coat Hoods

One of our most popular products is the M-65 hood fully re-trimmed with real fur. The M-65 Fishtail Mod Parka takes on a whole new life and look with a professionally fitted real fur hood.

Please Note: Due to customer demand, we have decided to offer a parka hood re-trimming service again. Therefore, please send us your existing parka hood to be re-trimmed with real fur. Please note the wire is removed during the re-trimming process as it makes the process easier and the hood sits better on the shoulders without the wire.

The real fur we use to re-trim our hoods is raccoon fur. We only use brand new pristine raccoon fur of the highest quality. The fur is full, long and dense and completely transforms a parka coat.

Fur Hood Re-trimming Process

  • The fur for each hood comes from the same fur plate to ensure consistency with fur quality and different shades of colours.
  • Raccoon fur is often black tipped at the ends.
  • An animal is not one consistent colour throughout it's body hair so please do not expect us to work miracles :)
  • The M65 hoods are very big and require a lot of fur, 42 inches in length to be precise. Therefore, it is almost always necessary for there to be one join when producing the fur strip. However, this is not noticeable due to the expertise of our seamstress who cuts the fur in a specific way.
  • The fur strip is cut from the pelt and the edge of the pelt is then stitched into place as per the synthetic strip which was removed. Please see the two photo's shown below.
real fur hood stitching
real fur parka hood stitching
The edge of the pelt neatly cut and stitched into place.
The same hood not folded back to reveal the edge of the pelt.
m65 real fur parka hood

Above the exact same hood as worn on the head.

lighter fur hood

Another M65 raccoon fur hood. As you see the colours can vary. 99% of the time however, they are the darker shade of fur.

With some modern hoods the edge of the pelt is concealed underneath material because a company will manufacture the hood from scratch with this in mind. As the parka hoods we sell are military issue, it is not possible to do so. Also, these military issue parka hoods would take a full day just to unpick due to the amount of stitching.

Which option is best for you?

If you already have an M-65 parka and want a real fur hood, then simply choose the re-trimming service option below.

The Results....

M-65 Standard Hood
M-65 Real Fur Hood
m65 synthetic fur hood hood results

ALL hoods are unwired during the re-furring process, this both makes the job less timely and hence more cost effective for you and also ensures the hood hangs and looks better.

Ordering Your Hood

Parka Hood Re-trimming Service From £90 (Free UK Delivery)

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M-65 Real Fur Hoods From £100 (Free UK Delivery)

Buy An M-65 Real Fur Hood

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M-51 Replica Hoods Faux Fur or Real Fur Options
These parka hoods are stunning replica's of the M51 parka hood. They are sold with our Classic M51 replica parka, but can also be purchased separately. These hoods can be attached to authentic M51 parka's and we also have customers who attach the hoods to their M65 parka's.
m51 faux fur hoodclassic m51 real fur hood
Currently Available
Authentic M-65 Faux Fur Hoods
We remove the nasty cheap looking white wire like synthetic fur and replace it with our very own faux fur which is much nicer. The wire is also removed so that the hood sits better on the shoulders.
Prices Shown On Payment Button Are Inclusive Of Tracked & Insured Delivery:
UK £5
EU £10
WW £15
m65 faux fur hood
Currently Unavailable
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