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Fur Care & Essential Information Regarding The Fur Used

It appears that several companies are now selling these luxury fur parka coats and giving false information to their customers.

As a result, we feel that it is necessary to give clear information regarding the materials used to make these luxury fur coats.

There is a well known company in Europe that sell these luxury fur parka coats for crazy sums of money. We won't mention the name of the company, but I guess most of you will know who we mean. Also several small companies have appeared this year selling these parka coats which all originate from the same manufacturer.

These companies falsely advertise the fur lining as real fur, or more commonly blended fur. Please note the linings, although beautiful and soft, are faux rabbit fur which is 100% polyester. There is no such thing as blended fur, whereby real fur is blended with faux fur. It simply does not exist. Do not get me wrong, the faux rabbit fur is beautifully soft and there is only a slight difference when held up next to real rabbit fur. We were fooled ourselves initially due to the softness and beauty of the fur lining. It just annoys us that many companies are falsely advertising and not being honest. The hood trimmings are real raccoon fur and are very luxurious.

The manufacturer confirmed to us that the fur linings in each coat are polyester. Please note all of these fur parka coats are being produced by the same manufacturer!!

The higher priced fur parka jackets and coats are fully lined with real fox fur. You can clearly see the difference in the fur used and there is no mistaking that it is real fox fur which is used.

We thought it only right to be honest and open compared to our competitors. The specific company, who we will not name, sell these parka coats from 3000 to 8000 euro and fail to be honest. A customer purchasing will no doubt assume their parka coat is fully lined with real fur.

Fur Care

Always store your fur coat away from direct sunlight, or a heat source. Hang the coat and allow it to dry naturally. Heat and sunlight will dry and crack the fur pelt, resulting in the fur dropping out.

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